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There has been one constant in my life and that has been my pets.  As a child we always had dogs and they became not only my best friends but my confidants.  I can remember sitting on the back porch pouring my heart out to my beloved poodle, Teke.  It seemed that she was the only one who truly understood me.  Through the years I have shared my life with dogs, cats, hampsters, rats and even a Mountain Horned Lizard.  I currently share my home and my life with two amazing little dogs, Bailey & Charley as well as two crazy cats, Missy and Mojo.  One thing that all of my pets have had in common is that they have been more than just pets to me, they have been family.   In fact, they are my children and I want the very best for them.  I have had a sincere passion for animals my entire life.  As a child, I remember my Dad saying that if people were more like animals this world would be a better place.  I have carried that belief with me throughout my life.  When I am at a party I tend to spend more time with the pets of the host than the people.  


My mission here at Fabulous Fur Faces is to bring you tips, tools, recipes and advice to enhance the life of your pet.