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We know that your pets are an integral part of your life and you want only the best for them.  Fabulous Fur Faces is here to help you create a healthy and happy life for you and your pet.  Whether you are looking for behavior advice, safety tips, healthy recipes or just fun things you can do with your pet you can find it all here!  Fabulous Fur Faces is committed to the health and happiness of pets everywhere.  We are so happy that you found us.  Grab a cup of something yummy and enjoy your visit!



He Was Close To Death

He Was Close To Death

Imagine waking up in a strange place with a bunch of strangers confused and in pain.  The only family you have every known is gone and you have no idea what you did to make them leave you.  Well, that is exactly what happened to a dog named Blue. I will do...

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My Pet Is Missing!  What now?

My Pet Is Missing! What now?

It happens every day.  A dog jumps the fence or a cat bolts through an open door which leads to frantic owners trying desperately to find their furry family member.  Several years ago we had a black cat named Fozzy.  Like all of our cats the only time he...


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